Didn’t get to spend much time with Ava today as I was very busy but I did for a couple hours when I got home. She ended up going to bed pretty late because of it. She will be sleeping in tomorrow!



Today Ava was out for a bit. I noticed when she doesn’t want to be picked up she creeks out and tries to bite me. That our only problem, everything else is great! She is still working on flying but she is getting better. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since I got her.


Avas poop is normal! I guess she just needed so time to adjust because now she is eating like a pig and pooping like a healthy cockatiel. You don’t even understand how happy I was when I woke up to see this beautiful mess in her cage. I’m not looking forward to cleaning all her perches now though..



I missed my little Ava yesterday because I was at my dads this weekend and just got home! As soon as she saw me she started squawking and I let her out. She flew again and didn’t crash! She flew 2 more times and didn’t crash so I think she is learning how to fly:) I am very happy to see her again and she is making tons of noise now too. I am worried that she is sick though because she seems to be fluffed up and looks tired a lot. I think she has been preening so maybe that is why she is fluffed up. I might just be worrying to much. Well I’ll be here all day tomarrow!




Sorry for being a little late. Yesterday Ava was out from 9-12 and then another couple hours throughout the day. Here are some pictures of our activities!




Avas wings seem to be clipped. I’m not sure but while she was out on top of her cage I don’t know where she was headed to it she tried flying and hit the wall.






After sitting out with me for awhile I offered her a seed and she took it! I put her on the food dish porch and then she began eating on her own! She also has been stepping up with the command “step up”. Her food consists of zupreem pellets and mixed in a little bit of abba seed mixed in. I noticed she picks out the seeds, I hope she eats the pellets because that is what I want her main diet to be.




This is where Ava has decided to be on while out of her cage!


When I got home a little bit ago I was able to pick Ava up without my glove! I then tried to give her a mist bath but I don’t think she really liked that so I might hold out on that for awhile. I saw she was pooping because their was some on her newspaper(and on me) but I haven’t seen her eat yet! I set her on her food dish seeing if she will do anything. One concern I have is that her poop looks dark green,and she keeps closing her eyes like she is trying to sleep. She will get much rest tonight and this weekend when I am gone, my mother will feed it but I don’t want her taking Ava out yet.





Ava didn’t get any sleep as I know of, every time I would lift up the sheet to look into her cage she would be awake just standing very still. I just took the sheet off and now I see her closing her eyes (maybe sleeping). She hissed at me this morning some more so I left her alone. I feel so bad be arise she seems so stressed. I didn’t see her eat anything yet. I am leaving till 10 so she will have some alone time for awhile. She really isn’t moving at all and their is like no poop on the floor.is this normal.